How does God make people who are scared of heights not be so scared of heights when they go up to heaven?

1st grader
How should we choose our friends?

4th grade
Is the earth living?

adult, p4cHI session
What is happiness and is it attainable?

12th grade, AVID
What are the reasons people are racist?

9th grade, Ethnic Studies
Are we born with the right to be happy or do we need a government or constitution to grant us this right?

10th grade, History
What happens to people who don't have a choice? Does this fate become "God's" will?

10th grade, English
Are drugs a "gateway" to the unseen?

10th grade, Health
If every culture has something to do with another, do we all live in one big culture?

H.S. Japanese 2
Can I assume nothings stays the same, everything is always evolving?

What are the reasons people cannot use self-control to stop themselves?

10th grade, Health
When should we be able to freely choose what we put into or do to our bodies? What are the reasons we assume one’s age defines these limits? 

10th grade, Health
What are the reasons enough is never enough? Is satisfaction just an illusion?

12th grade, Language Arts
If a law is unfair to one person, is it an unfair law?

4th grade, Social Studies
If we say death isn’t such a big deal, then what are the reasons we fear it so much?

10th grade, Language Arts
If you have kids, are you obligated to love them?

9th grade, Ethnic Studies
Is there really something that is impossible?

9th grade, Language Arts
What do we mean by “nothing”?

5th grade
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