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C3 Framework and National Geographic at Kailua High School

On Tuesday, January 5, 2016 Dr. Amber Strong Makaiau, Rosanna Fukuda, and Mark Knighton lead a C3 Framework and National Geographic professional development with HIDOE teachers and UHM teacher candidates at KHS. Participants at this workshop worked to:
1. Explain the reasons why the C3 Framework was created and how it is being used to redefine social studies education on both the national and local levels.
2. Identify and describe how the C3 Framework document is organized.
3. Use the C3 Framework document and Featured Inquiries on the C3 Teachers website to describe and illustrate each of the four dimensions of the C3 Framework Inquiry Arc.
4. Identify the key features of the National Geographic BioBlitz project.
5. Outline a plan for designing and implementing a C3 Framework Bioblitz inquiry with students at KHS.

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p4cHI at “Critical Issues of Civil and Human Rights” Professional Development Workshop

Amber and K. Korrematsu


On Saturday, December 12, 2015, Dr. Amber Strong Makaiau facilitated a p4cHI professional development session for teachers at the “Critical Issues of Civil and Human Rights” workshop. This workshop was sponsored by the Office of Curriculum and Instruction and Student Support Social Studies Program, the Hawaii State Bar Association Civic Education Committee, and the King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center. Fellow presenters at this workshop included Karen Korrematsu (pictured with Dr. Makaiau), Eric Yamamoto, Omer Ismail, Greg Jackson, and Cynthia Tai.
Human Rights Panel

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p4cHI Highlighted on C3 Teachers Website

The C3 Teachers Brief titled, “Cultivating and Nurturing Collaborative Civic Spaces” was recently published on the C3 Teachers: College, Career & Civic Life website. The brief, authored by Dr. Amber Strong Makaiau, draws from her experiences teaching social studies in the K-12 setting and offers three strategies from the philosophy for children Hawai‘i (p4cHI) approach to deliberative pedagogy. To download the brief visit: http://www.c3teachers.org/publications/

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p4cHI at the National Council for Social Studies Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA

On November 13, 2015 Kehau Glassco gave a presentation at the National Council of Social Studies titled, “Sparking Wonder! The Good Thinker’s Toolkit and the C3 Framework.” Mrs. Glassco is a high school social studies teacher at Kamehameha School, Kapalama Campus

and a longtime p4cHI practitioner. In her presentation she taught social studies educators from across the country to spark great questions, and make student inquiry come alive with this innovative pedagogy that promotes students’ development as socially responsible, philosophical thinkers. All of the participants had the opportunity to create Good Thinkers Toolkit books of their very own. Click here to see a sample lesson plan, and to learn more about Kehau Glassco please visit her website http://kumuglassco.weebly.com




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Talking about Ethnicity and Inequality in Public Education




The leadership of the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) collaborated with the University of Hawaii Uehiro Academy for Philosophy and Ethics in Education and the University of Hawaii College of Education to facilitate an open and frank teacher discussion about ethnicity, inequality and social injustice in Hawaii’s K-12 public educational institutions. We knew that academic and community leaders are doing important intellectual and political work on race, class and privilege in Hawaii, but we wanted to do more to make this part of the work of educators in the public school system. We believe that by creating spaces for ‘critical conversations’ in the larger education community, we can have a greater impact how teachers understand and engage in public education issued in Hawaii.

This event took place on Saturday, November 7, 2915, from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm at The University of Hawaii Campus Center Executing Dining Room. Close to eighty HIDOE teachers, UHM COE professors, and pre-service teachers attended the event. The agenda was:

8:30 Registration Check In and Assignment of Break Out Groups

9:00 Welcome Dr. Patricia Halagao of the UH Manoa COE and Hawaii State BOE

9:05 Opening Remarks, Purpose, & Introductions Dr. Amy Perruso of the HSTA

9:10 Outlining the Structure of the Program Dr. Amber Makaiau of the Uehiro Academy

9:15 Panel Presentation 

Dr. Jon Okamura: Institutionalized Racism/Discrimination in Public Education in Hawai’i

Dr. Earl Hishinuma: Youth, Ethnicity, and Public Health Outcomes in Hawai’i

Additional Documents: Adult Support at Home in Hawaii | Adult Support at Home or at School in Hawaii | Safe and Effective Messaging for Suicide Prevention

Dr. Ku Kahakalau: Pedagogy of Aloha: Hope for 50,000+ Native Hawaiian HIDOE Students

10:15 Audience Questions

10:30 Break

10:40 Small Group Break Out Lead by Uehiro Academy HIDOE p4cHI Teacher Facilitators

  • Introductions
  • Questions
  • Vote
  • Inquiry
  • Reflect

11:40 Large Group Share, Possible Solutions, & Continuing the Dialogue 

In this format, the panelists layed out the context and main issues for the first hour. Then the participants moved into smaller groups for inquiry discussions, organized around the philosophy for children (p4cHI) deliberative inquiry model for about an hour. Finally, participants concluded the morning’s work by coming back to the whole group discussion organized around the question of ‘what is to be done?’

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