p4c Hawai’i Publications

There is a wealth of resources available for those who want to “scratch beneath the surface” or “dig a little deeper”. Please follow the links below and get more involved.


A Start-Up Kit for K-1, 2nd edition, prepared by Dr. Thomas Jackson and Linda Hakoda 

The Start-Up Kit, Lessons for Young Beginners, 3rd edition, prepared by Dr. Thomas Jackson with Dr. Ashby Butnor

Philosophy for Children, a Guide for Teachers, by Dr. Thomas Jackson.

Philosophy for Children The Preschool Project, by Dr. Thomas Jackson with Dr. Ashby Butnor, Jill Trowbridge, Lindy and Christoph Ravenlock and the UHM Children’s Center

Gently Socratic Inquiryby Dr. Thomas Jackson

The Good Thinker’s Toolkit, excerpt from Dr. Thomas Jackson’s Philosophy for Children, A Guide for Teachers


Other Resources

Some of the documents listed below may be available for you to download. If the link directs you to our “contact us” page, please fill in your information there to request a copy of the material.


Ethnic Studies Course Syllabus, by Dr. Amber Strong, 2007-2008. 

Psychology Course Syllabus, by Dr. Amber Strong, 2007-2008.

Thinking Processes in Middle School Students: Looking at Habits of the Mind and Philosophy for Children Hawai’i, dissertation by Dr.  Caryn Matsuoka, 2007.

Philosophy for Children: The Importance of Social Relationships in the Classroom, by Chad Miller.

p4c High School Action in Kailua, p4c Hawaii Newsletter, Vol 4, No.1, Oct 2008.