Visiting Scholars

The UH Mānoa Uehiro Academy regularly invites scholars, researchers, and educators interested in philosophy Hawai‘i research and programs as visiting scholars. The Uehiro Academy works closely with the Faculty and Scholars Immigration Services (FSIS) unit on campus to officially host international visiting scholars.


Prospective International Visiting Scholars — Please contact Dr. Ben Lukey ( or another faculty sponsor at the Academy with whom you would like to work (based on mutual research and/or professional interest). All visiting scholars must be hosted by a member of the Uehiro Academy and work with an Uehiro Academy faculty sponsor. It is best that interested scholars study our website and learn about the work that our faculty are doing and see where there may be mutual interest towards a fruitful collaboration.

It is the responsibility of the visiting scholar to meet all University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa policy requirements and procedure related to their visit. Here are more helpful links:

  •  Office of Faculty and Scholar Immigration Services | FSIS Home

FSIS provides immigration assistance to University of Hawai‘i (UH ) departments and international scholars and employees across the UH System.

  • International Faculty & Scholars | IFS Home

The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa International website connects to all things International on the Mānoa campus.

p4cHI Certificate Program

In 2015, the University of Hawai’i at Manoa official approved a p4cHI College of Education Endorsed Certificate. The purpose of this certificate process is to meet the growing demand for local, national, and international p4cHI practitioners by creating an institutional pathway for developing, verifying, and officially recognizing the quality of those practitioners. Designed to meet the needs and provide a service for students, professionals, researchers, and community members from a wide range of populations, the certificate requirements include courses in:

  • PHIL492: Philosophy with Children, an introductory course to p4cHI
  • PHIL 493: Teaching Philosophy, a supervised practicum in classrooms
  • At least one additional 200 level or above philosophy course
  • At least two additional College of Education courses
  • One elective course form either philosophy or education must be 300 level or higher and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 for all courses must be achieved to count towards the certificate.

In addition, certificate program completers will also need to put together a professional portfolio that includes: the program application, PHIL 492 final project, one exemplar p4cHI lesson, one ten-minute p4cHI video clip, instructional commentary, two exemplar p4cHI student assessment samples, assessment commentary, formal observation feedback, a culminating final product and reflection, and record of public presentation.

Application Process

For UHM students, admissions requirements are: Graduate or Undergraduate status. For non-UH Mānoa students, admission requirements are: an AA or BA degree (or equivalent). Those students who do not wish to enroll in a degree program may register for the courses through Outreach College. All applicants must submit and/or complete the following during the p4cHI certificate program application process:

  1. Post-secondary Transcript with a 2.0 GPA or higher;
  2. Resume with up-to- date contact information, including email address;
  3. Statement of Purpose, answering the question: What are the reasons you are pursuing a p4cHI UHM COE endorsed certificate?
  4. Two Letters of Recommendation; and
  5. Personal Interview

To apply: Please email pdf copies of the following items to Dr. Amber Strong Makaiau at (1.) Post-Secondary Transcript, (2.) Resume, and (3.) Statement of Purpose. Have your two letters of recommendation sent to this email address as well. Upon receipt of all the documents outlined in items I-IV, Dr. Makaiau will contact you via email to set up a date for your personal interview. If you need assistance throughout the interview process, please email Dr. Makaiau with your questions.

UH Manoa Philosophy Department

The Executive Director of the Uehiro Academy for PHilosophy and Ethics in Education, Dr. Thomas E. Jackson is a full time Specialist in the UHM Philosophy Department. In addition, other faculty in the Uehiro Academy work closely with the department on the development of programming, as course instructors, and as committee members for graduate degrees. Click here to learn more about the study opportunities and programs offered by the UHM Philosophy Department:

UH Manoa College of Education

Dr. Amber Strong Makaiau and Dr. Chad Miller are full time Associate Specialists in the UHM College of Education Institute for Teacher Education Secondary Program. In addition, other faculty in the Uehiro Academy work closely with the COE (in a wide array of departments) on the development of programming, as course instructors, and as committee members for graduate degrees. Click here to learn more about the study opportunities and programs offered by the UHM College of Education:

Hawai'i State Department of Education

Uehiro Academy faculty work closely with the Hawai’i State Department of Education to offer p4cHI workshops and Professional Development and Educational Research Institute (PDERI) courses. To learn more about p4cHI PDERI opportunities, you can either contact Dr. Ben Lukey ( or go to the HIDOE PDERI online portal and search for INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY FOR CHILDREN: In addition, continue to check the Uehiro Academy home page for HIDEO workshop announcements.